Friday, February 5, 2010

Obesity and Back Pain -Double Trouble - Easy Solution

Many back pain sufferers tend to gain weight.

The back pain makes it difficult for these people to maintain their previous activity levels and gradually put on some body fat that only makes them feel even more miserable.

At our call centre we regularly hear from individuals caught in that bind - that they now have two seemingly insurmountable problems.

But wait ... there is a great reason for these people to have hope.

That reason is the Wellness Belt.

It usually makes their back pain go away so they can resume their normal or nearer to normal activities.

As they begin to move around wearing their Wellness Belt, the weight inside the belt makes them use their leg muscles more.

That allows them to burn the extra calories needed to resume their old body shapes.

A double-barreled solution.

Everybody knows someone who is in that double trouble bubble (sorry about that!)

Be a friend.

Tell them to check out the Wellness Belt.


  1. I suffered from chronic lower back pain for years... I bought the Wellness Belt a year of so ago and I love it... I put it on and that is the end of the back pain... I have a terrible sway in my back and it just corrects my posture enough that it is instant relief. I really bought it for weight loss I haven't had too much success in that area as I sit at a desk all day but I can't tell you the relief I have experienced in other ways. The quality of the belt is outstanding it still looks like the day I bought it. Thanks from a loyal customer.

    Regards, Deborah

  2. That's AWESOME! Thanks for sharing - it is greatly appreciated.

    Dr. Craig

  3. This is really wonderful. I impressed with your solution. I would like to apply your strategy next time.
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  4. This is very good news. I am pleased with it. I suffer from back pain since last few weeks.
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  5. A region of the spine that is most vulnerable to the effects of obesity in the lower back, the lumbar spine. Lack of exercise and bodily conditioning leads to poor flexibility and weak muscles in the back, pelvis and thigh. This can reduce the curve of the lower back, so that the pelvis tilted forward too much.
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  6. I just learned something new from you.. I never expect that both issues can be healed quickly. Me too is suffering from Knee Pain Arthritis.

  7. While the spinal manipulative therapy does not guarantee lifelong healing on lower back pain, it is still agreeable that chiropractic can help alleviate lower back pain. Surgery and other clinical procedures are always recommended for chronic and recurring lower back pain.

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