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Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Well, you're certainly not alone. About 30% of us are struggling with it all the time. It is so common that it is the #1 health care expense in Canada.

For those of you who are not sufferers, here's what it is like for those who are.

The pain is always there. It ranges generally from uncomfortable to unbearable. Professional help is a compulsory ongoing part of life to help manage the condition.

For no apparent reason, a chronic back pain sufferer experiences a sudden onslaught of severe debilitating pain that often causes them to involuntarily adopt bent, twisted posture that they can not control. They commonly require assistance to move.

Typically, the suffering individual seeks medical help. Standard medical treatment consists of pain killers, anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants. The clinical outcomes are quite unsatisfactory overall. This care is aimed at attempting to manage the symptoms, not to solve the underlying cause. Because the cause is ignored, the usual outcome is years of gradual progression marked by expanding symptoms including disc degeneration and bony arthritic changes eventually leading to spinal surgery. All of those years are marked by varying degrees of pain and the progression will often be accompanied by nerve root impingement symptoms such as sciatica as the person's spinal structures slowly degenerate.

Many medical practitioners will refer the patient out for physiotherapy and massage as part of the intervention. The general approach consists of mobilization, stretching and exercise, hoping to break up the adhesions and scar tissues that may be impeding the patient's recovery.

A significant part of the affected population seek out alternate professional intervention such as chiropractors, but usually only after years of medical management has brought the patient to the point of wanting to try some other approach.

None of these approaches to chronic back pain management ever totally removes the patient's complete set of symptoms, especially on first contact.

Until now, that was considered unachievable.

Introducing something completely revolutionary: the Wellness Belt. It has provided life-restoring freedom for many chronic back sufferers.

Ironically, most of these Wellness Belt customers expressed skepticism about the ability of something so simple being able to solve their problem which had stymied their trained professionals so thoroughly.

But when you are desperate, you might be inclined to give something a try. Especially when there is nothing to lose and when the product has no associated danger.

People are so surprised and astonished when they put on the Wellness Belt and their pain disappears, that they actually swear out loud! Then they express their amazement. Often they express disbelief that their pain is gone!

There are several testimonials on the product's website where you can hear it from some people whi have documented their experiences.

No practitioner experiences the clinical outcomes that the Wellness Belt produces with chronic back pain. And the Wellness Belt continues to maintain the symptom-free condition as long as it is worn. That's why I strongly recommend everyone with chronic back pain give it a try. There is a 90 day full satisfaction money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose and getting your life back to gain. You won't know for sure if it will help unless you try. But the likelihood is pretty good that it will help, as I will discuss below.

The customers have also reported that they have successfully tried wearing the product to bed to see if they would be able to sleep - as they historically have a hard time sleeping due to back pain. And they are able to sleep normally!

What is this product? It is actually a very simple device. The Wellness Belt is a designer dress belt that is weighted to produce a posture correction. The actual mechanism is to reduce or eliminate the pelvic tilt that is so prevalent among today's population.

This restoration of the pelvis to its proper orientation makes the spine also go to its proper orientation. Think about how you intentionally straighten up when you believe someone is watching you. That is very similar to what the weight placement in the product makes the wearer do.

My theory on why the chronic back pain condition is eliminated is as follows. The shift of the pelvis flattens the lumbar curve. This causes the facet joints to stop being jammed together by the prior tight curve. It also moves the weight bearing away from the facet joints to the vertebral bodies. This change in effect immediately removes the continuous irritation which is very likely the source of the problem.

It may even remove the obstacle to healing, but at this point there is no hard evidence to support that. However, I must point out that the people getting relief are so thankful for getting their function restored that the question of whether or not healing has taken place has not been a hot topic of discussion thus far. Perhaps down the road there may be research performed on this question.

With the source of irritation removed, the inflammatory swelling subsides, removing pressure on nerve roots. That may explain the removal of sciatica and other nerve root impingement symptoms.

Ironically, in an age when everyone seems to be seeking solutions and hope from high-tech, cutting edge technologies, a simple low-tech approach appears to be the effective solution people are looking for.

The only obstacle to their solution is product awareness.

For that reason it is really important to spread the word about this low-cost device so that many more people might be helped.

The Wellness Belt has performed very well clinically, producing life-impacting change for about 75% to 80% of individuals who have tried it. That is far superior performance compared to any other approach available.

The remaining 20% to 25% of people experience either no change, or a slight increase in their pain which either reverses after a brief period, or the person decided not to continue. We don't know at this time if the pain increase for those people would have been temporary if they persisted a little longer. There has been no reports of damage or sustained pain. Only about 2% of the products are returned due to lack of results or increased discomfort!

So here we have a simple, affordable product that has the potential to help millions of people who are currently suffering. You probably know some people who are in your circle of family or friends who are wishing for some help for this very problem.

Can you help us get the word out?

Please send those people to this blog so they can find out about the Wellness Belt. If it changes their lives, you can be glad that you were able to help someone in need.

And I'll be thankful to be a part of that, for sure. Thank you for your part in helping.


Dr. Craig

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